Self Development Survey


Managing the gap
“If you can’t measure it…you can’t manage it”

Sample Reports

Retain and Develop

THE McQUAIG SELF-DEVELOPMENT SURVEY helps your people focus on increasing their personal effectiveness by providing a detailed description of their strengths and development areas, specific Action Items and Personal Action Plan Worksheets to move forward.

Report sections include:


 A – Your Behavioral Profile

  • Review Your Profile Highlights and Detailed Analysis of Your Strengths and Developmental Areas
  • Scan the Action Items

B – Leveraging Your Strengths

  • Prioritize the items and identify two or three key Strengths that are most important to you at this time
  • Focus on the one priority you want to work on immediately – don't over commit yourself

C – Managing Your Developmental Areas

  • Again, prioritize the items and identify two or three key Developmental Areas
  • Focus on the one priority you want to work on now

 D – Getting Input from Your Manager or Coach

  • Discuss your Personal Action Plans with your manager or coach
  • Gain further insight and ensure that you are getting the support you need


Review your Personal Action Plans Frequently

  • Track your progress
  • Remember to revise your Personal Action Plans as you work through each priority

This report is based on an assessment of the individual’s temperament and behavior patterns exclusively. When working through the report, remember that their overall performance will also be influenced by other factors, including attitudes, values, intelligence, aptitudes, emotional maturity, education, skills, etc..


This report corresponds to pages 124 – 127 in the book “The Entrepreneur Next Door.”