Job-fit Anlysis
“If you can’t measure it…you can’t manage it”

Sample Reports

Assess the Candidate

THE McQUAIG WORD SURVEY® helps you evaluate the behaviors a candidate will bring to the job, provides questions to probe past behavior and analyzes the match to the benchmark established by The Job Survey.  THE McQUAIG WORD SURVEY also help managers lead more effectively by clarifying what each team member brings to the table - their inner drives, how they learn, what management style they respond to and how they will interact with each other.

Report sections include:

A - The Profile

This graph provides trained interpreters with a visual picture of the candidates temperament/behavior pattern – illustrating his/her natural style of behavior and noting any changes he may be making to it because of their current situation.

B - Interpretation Report

Use this report for a comprehensive and fundamental understanding of the potential assets he/she brings to a job, possible areas for development/concern and an indication of their adjustment to his/her current situation.

C - Leadership Profile

A summary of the candidate’s likely behavior in a leadership role, use this report if he/she is currently in or is an applicant for a leadership position in your company or if the candidate may be required to assume leadership responsibilities from time to time (e.g., projects, meetings, special assignments, etc.).

D - Interviewing Questions

Behaviorally based Interviewing Questions, use these questions to probe into his past, on-the-job behaviors to allow you to predict his future on-the-job behaviors.


E - Job/Candidate Analysis

Use this report to evaluate the match between the candidate’s  natural style of behavior and that of the ideal behaviors required for the position.