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ACCORD MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, INC. is unique in its integrated approach to talent management, providing support for strategic initiatives such as executive development, succession planning, employee engagement and leadership development, in addition to tactical efforts such as employee selection, promotion and retention. 

We provide expert interpretation of all assessments results, offering tailored and practical suggestions for applying these results on an individual basis.  In today’s economy, a cookie cutter approach to talent management rarely works.  The ACCORD consulting team has the knowledge and expertise to provide precise and relevant recommendations that integrate behavioral understanding into traditional interventions such as employee selection, engagement surveys, executive retreats, leadership development and succession planning. 

ACCORD’s retained clients receive unlimited consulting.  This allows our consultants to really take the time to understand your business and how your culture impacts your ability to drive business results.  Our integrated approach to human resources is unique and designed to get the people side of business right.

Your people are your most important competitive advantage.

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